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Release Date March 15, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 38
Volume 4
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Rankai is the 38th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


With Ei Sei side unit finally managed to get in the throne room. The people in the throne room are chocked to see Ei Sei side unit in the throne room. Sei Kyou seemingly unfazed by Ei Sei side unit intrusion, declares all of them to have the death penalty. After a dialog between Shin and Sei Kyou, Rankai started to attack one of the mountain people, seemingly defeating him with ease. Shin shocked, starts to attack Rankai. However he defeats Shin with ease as he throws him across the room. Everyone of the Ei Sei side unit is stunned to see Shin be defeated so easily. Ou Ki wants Tou go somewhere else instead of the dragon corridor. The mountain people now started a combination attack against Rankai, but it fails. Ka Ryo Ten sees Shin unconscious.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Sei Kyou gave every person in Ei Sei side unit the death penalty.
  • Rankai killed one of the mountain people instantly.
  • Shin starts fighting Rankai in one vs one fight.
  • Mountain people started a combination attack against Rankai.
  • Shin is unconscious.



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