The History of Infighting

Chapter 390 cover

Release Date June 14, 2014
Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc
Chapter 390
Volume 36
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The History of Infighting is the 390th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Earl Shi is still in combat with Ou Hon, with the latter on the losing end. At the same time, at the Wei HQ, Rei Ou explains the events that led to the conflict between the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei. It all started when Tai Roji, a member of the Fire Dragons, killed Earl Shi's younger sister, Shi Kika. With her death, her older brother sought revenge, and so the Wei dragons were divided into two opposing factions; Tai Roji, Shou Sen and Ba Tou fought in one faction, and Gai Mou, Rei Ou and Earl Shi in the other. To everyone's surprise, Rei Ou continued to reveal that the opposing fire dragons were killed solely by Earl Shi.

Back on the field, the Gyoku Hou Unit was getting massacred by Earl Shi's men and, seeing that, the vice captain Ban You asks Ou Hon to consider retreating. Ou Hon realizes that he has to follow his advice, as there is no way for him to confront such a powerful opponent at present. Thus, he orders his unit to secure a safe passage to retreat, while Ou Hon himself would stay back to guard the rear and have another chance to study Earl Shi's spear technique, so that he would have a bigger chance of defeating him the following day.





Wei Tai Roji mentioned

Chapter notesEdit

  • Earl Shi had killed over 500 men at the age of 15 with his spear.
  • Earl Shi is called a prodigy by his own people.
  • Earl Shi is the one who initiated the infighting between the Fire Dragons of Wei.
  • Earl Shi has a younger sister named Shi Kika.
  • Shi Kika was the source of Earl Shi's strength.
  • Shi Kika was killed by Tai Roji, also a Fire Dragon.
  • Earl Shi went berserk after Shi Kika was killed.
  • The Fire Dragons of Wei where divided into 2 factions.
  • Earl Shi killed Tai Roji, Shou Sen and Ba Tou on his own.
  • The Gyoku Hou Unit is forced to retreat.
  • Ou Hon is protecting the rear of his unit, not only to protect his unit, but to observe Earl Shi's spear techniques.


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