Chapter 391 cover

Release Date June 16, 2014
Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc
Chapter 391
Volume 36
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Loss is the 391st chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Rei Ou is delving further into the history of Earl Shi. Mentioning that Shi Kika and Earl Shi, even though they were siblings, married each other. Earl Shi attracted a lot of women with his rank and riches. Shi Yoh forbade Shi Kika and Earl Shi marrying and Earl Shi said that he would give up on being one of the Seven Fire Dragons of Wei if it meant he could marry Shi Kika. Earl Shi told Shi Kika, that no matter what Shi Yoh said, he would marry her after he came back from his next campaign. Shi Yoh was furious and decided that he would marry Shi Kika to someone else before Earl Shi came back. Sho Yoh ended up marrying Shi Kika to one of the other Fire Dragons of Wei, namely Tai Roji, the infamous wife killer. Tai Roji on the other hand, claimed that he had never killed one of his wives, since he never thought that they even deserved being called a wife. Tai Roji gave Shi Kika an ultimatum, either she gave herself wholeheartedly to him, or she would not deserve to be called his wife. Shi Kika declined, and was killed by Tai Roji. Earl Shi became furious at the news of Shi Kika's death, and he ended up killing Shi Yoh, Tai Roji, and two other Fire Dragons of Wei who sided with Tai Roji. Ou Hon was forced to admit that Earl Shi is more powerful than him in both speed and weight. And also that Earl Shi's attacks are very unpredictable. The retreat of the Gyoku Hou Unit is seemingly cut off, until Kan Jou and his unit break through the enemy line from the back, disrupting their formation, and creating a chance for the Gyoku Hou Unit to escape.


Characters introducedEdit

  • Shi Kika
  • Shi Yoh

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shi Kika was tormented at home.
  • Shi Yoh has no sons.
  • Shi Kika and Earl Shi wanted to marry each other.
  • Shi Yoh forbade Shi Kika and Earl Shi from marrying.
  • Earl Shi claims he will and shall marry Shi Kika after his next campaign.
  • Tai Roji the wife killer killed Shi Kika.
  • The wife killer has killed up to 20 wives.
  • Ou Hon admits Earl Shi being more powerful than him.


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