Third Day of Choyou

Chapter 393 cover

Release Date June 29, 2014
Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc
Chapter 393
Volume 36
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Chapter 392
Chapter 394

 Third Day of Choyou is the 393rd chapter of the Kingdom manga.


At night of Day two, at the Gyoku Hou Unit camp, Ou Hon is still injured, but claims that it will not be a problem. He calls for Kan Jou, to discuss the battle plan for the coming day as they need break through to Go Hou Mei before noon. Meanwhile at the Hi Shin Unit's camp, they are having a strategy meeting for tomorrows plan as they also realize they have to break through to Go Hou Mei before noon. The meeting was dismissed earlier than expected and Shin is hungry as he thinks of the coming battle. At Kanyou, the officials aren't pleased with the progression Tou has made or the lack thereof. They are also displeased at the lack of information available to them, because Tou hasn't sent them enough reports to go by. Shin is fighting the Gai Mou main unit when Kyou Kai suddenly interrupts his fight. She says the right flank of army is not moving, until the battlefield has settled itself. Therefor she recommends that she take care of the surrounding enemy soldiers as he needs his strength for fighting Gai Mou. At the Gai Mou main army, a soldier tells Jun Sou that his master is impatient, but Jun Sou that it is not time yet. Ka Ryo Ten figures out that Gai Mou's lieutenant Jun Sou is very important to the Gai Mou army as they where willing to pay 1000 gold for his release on top of releasing her. Jun Sou calls for Gai Mou and raises the fire dragon flag, also to let the Hi Shin Unit know the location of Gai Mou. Jun Sou orders more defenses for the left flank and the front with their elite Cavalry Unit. Gai Mou is not pleased that Jun Sou decided to make him bait to lure Shin in.


Chapter NotesEdit

  • Start of day three.
  • Kyou Kai takes care of the soldiers surrounding Shin to let him save his strength for his battle with Gai Mou.
  • Ka Ryo Ten states that it is also a battle between herself and Jun Sou, as strategists.


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