Ouhon's Duty

Chapter 395 Cover

Release Date July 14, 2014
Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc
Chapter 395
Volume 37
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Chapter 394
Chapter 396

 Ouhon's Duty is the 395th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Ou Hon's duel with Earl Shi continues and the former, even with his injuries, is now able to follow Earl Shi's movements. However Earl Shi's power is still overwhelming. Ou Hon deduces that there is a difference in nature to their spears. Ou Hon's spear emphasizes accuracy and while Earl Shi's spear focuses on shear power. The difference in power becomes apparent as Ou Hon receives a severe blow. In a flashback between Ou Hon and Kan Jou, Kan Jou asks Ou Hon to halt the operation as he is no match for Earl Shi. Kan Jou also points out that the Qin forces as a whole haven't taken any serious losses, but if the operation is a failure because of Ou Hon's defeat, the Qin army would take serious losses, and Ou Hon's name would be tarnished. Ou Hon tells him that emerging victorious against such impossible odds is the only way for one to be able to achieve the fame and prestige that he is seeking. As Ou Hon departs their meeting, Kan Jou tells Ban You that he as been negligent in his duties as Ou Hon's adjutant. Ban You says that Ou Hon's perception has far surpassed him, which makes it impossible for him to keep his young lord in check. arriving back at the battle from the flashback, Ou Hon has been given a severe chest wound from Earl Shi, almost collapsing from the wound. Ban You is just about to call for a retreat, but Ou Hon stops him, exclaiming that he doesn't have the time for a retreat. The path he has set for himself requires him to be the one to take down Earl Shi, to use it as a stepping stone to win as many glorious battles as possible, so he can become a Great General of the Heavens. Ad with that, Ou Hon succeeds in wounding Earl Shi, for the first time, by cutting him across the wrist with his spear.


Characters introducedEdit


  • Ou Hon's spear emphasizes accuracy.
  • Earl Shi's spear emphasizes power.
  • A flashback between Ou Hon and Ban You is shown.


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