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Mou Bu and the Chu prince


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Mou Bu and the Chu prince is an extra chapter, that was published after the release of the 398th chapter of the Kingdom manga. It contains the story of Mou Bu and a royal prince of Chu, who was sent to Qin in a hostage exhange. This boy grew up along with Mou Bu and his sister Mou Aki.

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Since it contains a big spoiler, please read it for your self if you want to under the trivia section. As of now, it is unconfirmed if the main plot will proceed in this manner.

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  • This prince was equally matched in strength to Mou Bu and was a hostage exchanged for an infant noble from Qin's royal family
  • After discovering his kingdom had abandoned him as the Chu princess wanted to adopt the Qin infant, the prince wanted to jump of a cliff as he believed his life was now meaningless - Mou Bu saved him
  • The former prince rose up to one of the most important members in the Qin Court
  • When the former prince had to devise a plan, to attack Chu, he couldn't do it, because the connection of his blood subconsciously hindered him.
    • He layed down all of his duties in Qin and defected to Chu
    • He does not take part in the fighting between Chu and Qin, buying a plot of land and seeking to live in peace. Unfortunately, with all of Chu's royalty captured or killed, he is pressured into becoming their king.
    • When the Chu army was destroyed by Qin, he lead some wounded veterans to see Mou Bu.


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