The Rebel Army's Move

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Release Date Feb 16, 2006
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 4
Volume 1
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The Rebel Army's Move is  the 4th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The assassin falls to Shin's blade, screaming out in fury Shin asks if he can feel Hyou's pain. Shin prepares to finish the assassin, the assassin pleads for his life. He claims his children will become orphans, the assassin clambers backwards taking Shin's inaction as a sign that he was free, thanking Shin and the king for their mercy. However before he can finish being grateful Ei Sei shows him no mercy and removes the assassins head form his body.

In Kanyou, Sei Kyou, the king's younger brother is displeased his brothers head has yet to arrive, his minister guaranteed him he would soon have it taken care of. As the new king began to show displeasure. Another minister reveals that, even if the assassin fails to kill Ei Sei, he had taken other precautions and already sent a special army unit after him as well.

Ei Sei detects the enemies approaching through the ground and judges by their number that they will be unable to escape death. Shin resolves to fight the army and just before he and Ei Sei can begin fighting the owl like Ka Ryo Ten appears and offers to guide them to safety through secret underground tunnels in exchange for a reward. Knowing how desperate their situation was Shin and Ei Sei agree to follow.

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Chapter NotesEdit

  • Jo Kan said he has a wife and 4 kids.
  • Jo Kan is begging for his live.
  • Ei Sei killed Jo Kan.
  • Qin castle town is shown in Kanyou.
  • Sei Kyou]send out an army to kill Ei Sei.
  • Ei Sei admits he is a king without power.
  • Ka Ryo Ten knows of a secret passage to avoid the army.
  • Ka Ryo Ten face is shown for the first time.



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