Fall and Retreat

Chapter 400 Cover

Release Date August 25, 2014
Arc Fire Dragons of Wei Arc
Chapter 400
Volume 37
Chapter Guide
Chapter 399
Chapter 401

  Fall and Retreat is the 400th chapter of the Kingdom manga.

Summary Edit

Kyou Kai gets to the HQ of the Wei Army, slays the Bodyguards/Commanders and beheads Go Hou Mei in one blow. But she realizes, that it was only a bodydouble. However, Kyou Kai gives the order to light the signal for successfully destroying the enemy HQ. Go Hou Mei is then on his way to Rei Ou with the task of killing General Tou and destroying the Qin Army.

On his way to the Wei HQ, Shin sees a group of riders coming from the Wei HQ and decides to follow them. It happens, that is Go Hou Mei, and Shin arrives in the middle of the meeting of the two Wei Generals with the Goal to slay Go Hou Mei. But since Shin doesn't know what Go Hou Mei looks like, he stops for a second. Go Hou Mei realizes that he will not be able to dodge Shin's attack and named Rei Ou as himself. Shin strikes down Rei Ou with his glaive.

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Chapter Notes Edit

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