Decisive Blow

Chapter 41 cover

Release Date March 16, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 41
Volume 4
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Decisive Blow is the 41st chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


We are in the courtyard of Kanyou royal palace. Ei Sei army is still fighting Shi Shi army. Shou Bun Kun is still fighting Gi Kou, the latter being on a horse. Shou Bun Kun states that they are reaching their limit, that Shin need to hurry. Going over to the throne room, Shin joins the fight against Rankai. Shin angered that his attacks don't even leave a mar on Rankai, shouts to Ka Ryo Ten that she is in his way. Shin however is thrown around by Rankai. Heki seeing Shin struggle teaches him how to use his sword better. Heki then explains to Shin the history of the sword by stating in the 500 years of making weapons, the sword is the one most refined for defeating enemy's. Shin then asks Ka Ryo Ten to bind the sword to his arm at which she does. Shin then asks the mountain people to hold Rankai off for 5 seconds. Shin is preparing tho take down Rankai himself. Tajifu responding to Shin words, holds on to Rankai leg in a attempt to give Shin the 5 seconds he needs. Sei Kyou seeing Tajifu holding him, shouts to Rankai to flatten him. Shin then jumps in the air to give his sword more thrust and focus that ower in a single point.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shou bun kun has a one on one fight with Gi Kou.
  • Shin joins the fight against Rankai.
  • Shin can't cut Rankai.
  • Shin ribs are broken.
  • Heki explains the history of the sword.
  • Ka Ryo Ten binds Shin sword to his arm.
  • Shin claimed he will finish off Rankai.
  • Tajifu holds Rankai leg to give Shin his seconds.
  • Shin learns to use his first real sword technique, jumping in the air to give his weapon more thrust and focus that power in a single point.
  • The Three Eye Tribe is mentioned.



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