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Release Date March 24, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 42
Volume 5
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Illusion is the 42nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The duel between Shin and Rankai continues. Shin however gains quickly the upper hand on him and he eventually gives up. Sei Kyou however not accepting this, orders Rankai to defeat Shin. The nobles in the throne room are scared and try to leave the room. Tajifu, Ba Jio and Shin then go after Sei Kyou. As he is scared of Shin, the mountain people and the fact that the nobles trying to escape, Sei Kyou tries to protect himself with the fact he is a royal. Shin explains to Sei Kyou that this is war and that everything is allowed and that this is a war that you started. Ketsu Shi knowing he is at the losing hand, looks trough his memories on why he is losing. What he did wrong and what he should or shouldn't have done. When the nobles finally are able to open the door to the left dragon corridor, they see Tou. Tou states he can't let anyone trough the left dragon corridor as it is his masters order. Ketsu Shi as a last resort tries to escape trough the right dragon corridor, Ka Ryo Ten tries to stop him with the blow dart she got from Muta. Then 2 of the mountain people cut Ketsu Shi.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shin won against Rankai as he gave up.
  • Nobles in the throne room try to escape.
  • Tou stands guard at the left dragon corridor and doesn't let anyone trough, not even the nobles.
  • Ka Ryo Ten tries to stop Ketsu Shi from escaping in to the right dragon corridor with the blow dart she got from Muta.
  • Ketsu Shi is cut by two of the mountain people.



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