Hour of Conquest

Chapter 438 cover

Release Date July 09, 2015
Arc Koku You Campaign Arc
Chapter 438
Volume 41
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Chapter 437
Chapter 439

Hour of Conquest is the 438th chapter of the Kingdom manga.

Summary Edit

Sei  walks to the top of the castle while in deep thought. To his surprise he finds Shin waiting there at the summit. It is revealed that Shin's injuries were worse than first thought and that he has been recovering in Kanyou since the victory. The pair discuss what he's been going on at court between the queen and Sei, in addition Shin questions why Sei has to wait for the outcome of the trial before dealing with Ryo Fui. Sei explains to Shin that a decision must be made on what to do with the members of the other factions in particular the Four Pillars in the Ryo Fui Faction and the leaders of the Royal Harem now that the queen mother is no longer their leader. In all Sei estimates that the process will take half a year to reach a conclusion.

The two friends reminisce about the journey that has led to this conclusion from meeting each other following the death of Hyou, to taking back the royal palace following Sei Kyou rebellion and the battle at Sai. The pair reaffirm their goal of uniting China with Sei paying homage to the roles that Shin and others have played in getting to this point while acknowledging the upcoming bloodshed that will be required.

Sei reveals to Shin that Shou Hei Kun and the other military advisers have already made a plan to unify China, but due to the nature of what is required from the people to carry out the task; they have guessed that the maximum amount of time that the unification can take is fifteen years. Shin rightly points out that it is impossible to carry out such a feat in that time, but Sei says that he will continue down that path regardless. To carry out the plan Sei outlines changes that need to made with regards to recruitment of personnel, financial reform to strengthen the treasury, gathering supplies needed and finally the reformation on the Six Great Generals of Qin. Sei tells Shin that he needs to become one of the six chosen.

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