King Sho

Chapter 44 cover

Release Date March 24, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 44
Volume 5
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Chapter 43
Chapter 45

King Sho is the 44th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


The battle at the courtyard of Kanyou is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Ou ki presence. Gi Kou asks Ou ki why he deceived them and as he is not willing to answer this honestly he will take his live. Ou ki however killed him instead even as he was mounted he was killed with a single slash. This shear power frightened even the mountain people and opening a path for him. Ou Ki walks to Ei Sei as Shou Bun Kun and Yo Tan Wa are preparing to defend Ei Sei. Heki trying to administer first aid, he sees that Ka Ryo Ten had put chain mail around her body to protect herself. Shou Bun Kun hoping that Ou Ki will allay with Ei Sei as he slayed Gi Kou, however Ou Ki say that he should stop with the jokes. Ei Sei unfazed by Ou ki, asks him what his business is as the are very busy. Ou Ki asks him what kind of king you will become. Ei Sei shouts for everyone to hear that he will become the one and only king of China. Ou Ki smiles hearing these words as he states only one other king stated those words as foolish as that. The man regarded as "the god of war". Ei Sei states that Ou Ki still chasing after king Sho shadow and that he doesn't have a place to land. If you accept king Sho death then you will be able to begin soaring across China, monstrous bird of Qin.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Gi Kou was killed by Ou ki.
  • Ka Ryo Ten had chain mail around her body, which protected her body from the knife.
  • Ou Ki doesn't dislike clouded weather.
  • Ou Ki asks Ei Sei what kind of king he will become.
  • Ei Sei shouts that he will become the one and only king of China.
  • Ou Ki states that one king before Ei Sei said those words, the god of war.
  • Ou Ki is called the "monstrous bird of Qin".
  • This is the first chapter where the main character Shin is not seen or mentioned.



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