Chapter 46 cover

Release Date March 24, 2013
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 46
Volume 5
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Chapter 45
Chapter 47

Brothers is the 46th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Sei Kyou army are confused as they see Sei Kyou While he is shouting that you should kill Ei Sei, as he shouldn't be outside. Then the army notice the head of Ketsu Shi, then they realized they lost. Ei Sei walks to his half brother as he says to him that is why you are always alone. Ei Sei says to Sei Kyou that you are not fit to be king of Qin. Enraged by this he attacks Ei Sei himself. Ei Sei stabs a knife trough his arm with ease as he then falls to the ground of pain and seeing his own blood. Ei Sei states that he has no idea on how many blood there has bin spilled. The Ei Sei hit him to the face several times as he is saying to Sei Kyou you should feel about the pain others feel. Then out of joy, Ei Sei and his army claims victory.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Sei Kyou army knows they lost as they see Ketsu Shi head.
  • Sei Kyou orders everyone to kill Ei Sei, however nobody listens to this order.
  • Ei Sei states that Sei Kyou is not fit to be king of Qin.
  • Sei Kyou tried to kill Ei Sei himself, but failed as he is stabbed with a knife trough his arm.
  • Sei Kyou falls to the ground of pain and seeing his own blood.
  • Ei Sei hits Sei Kyou several times in the face.
  • Ei Sei and his army claims victory.



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