Hunter’s Fall


Release Date May 05, 2016
Arc Koku You Campaign Arc
Chapter 472
Volume 44
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Hunter’s Fall is the 472nd chapter of the Kingdom manga.

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-Kei Sha and Shin duels and Keisha almost knock Shin off his horse.

-Shin realizes that just like how he and his rivals are fighting for a position in the Six Great Generals, Keisha is also fighting to be one of the Three Great Heavens and his strength cannot be underestimated. This makes Shin wants to beat Keisha even more.

-Ka Ryo Ten agrees that Keisha is indeed extraordinary as he led the Zhao army during the Coalition invasion. He is easily one of the top 5 generals in Zhao. He is also rumored to be the closest to the 3 Great Heavens. If he can be defeated here, it will be a big blow to Zhao and secure victory in this war.

-Meanwhile Kyou Kai slayed all of Ryuu Tou’s men. Both Kyokai and Ryuutou are exhausted.

-Na Ki tries to secure an escape route as the duel between Shin and Keisha continues as more Zhao reinforcements are arriving.

-Keisha has been noticing Shin’s growth just like Ri Boku but did not expect Shin’s growth to be so rapid. He seems to realize that this will be his doom.

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