Jin and Tan


Release Date Feb 22nd, 2017
Arc Western Zhao Invasion Arc
Chapter 507
Volume 47
Chapter Guide
Chapter 506
Chapter 508

Jin and Tan is the 507th chapter of the Kingdom manga.

Summary Edit

Characters Edit

Introduced Edit

En Kaku-and Rigi portrait
En Kaku and Rigi
Hi Shin Unit

Notes Edit

  • Shin and Ten send two extra guys with heavy shields, to keep the Sou brothers save from arrows
  • Sou Tan and his brother are able to clearly see the faces of the Zhao defenders; unnerving them as they can clearly see their opponents as human beings.
  • Sou Jin kills all the officiers with headshots and with a fast pace. This causes insecurity on the wall
  • Sou Tan's arrows are able to penetrate the stones of the wall; burrying themselves at least halfway into the solid rock.

Trivia Edit

  • Jin and Tan have never really shot people before; only animals for food.
  • Both start off nervous and shaking before trying to shoot.
  • The Chou Ka Tribe is capable of precise archery.
  • Sou Jin is targeting the officers first, and creates footholds afterwards.
  • Sou Tan has problems with hitting the enemy, because he can see their faces; therefore being unnerved his targets are human.
  • Sou Tan drops to his knees in frustration for being unable to fight properly in his first battle.
  • Ba Jio and his infantry have reached the top of the wall.


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