Piao's Decision

Chapter 6 cover

Release Date August 23, 2011
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 6
Volume 1
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Piao's Decision is the 6th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ei Sei, Shin and Ten continue through the underground tunnel. After Ten points it out, Ei Sei explains that there is one man within the palace that is his ally, the man named Shou Bun Kun. Shin recognizes the name as he was the man whom came and convinced Hyou to leave with him. He explains that Shou Bun Kun was securing a number of hideouts and that he'd come across Hyou, a boy whom resembled exactly like him. Ei Sei tells Shin that the shack they'd met in wasn't actually a meeting place but rather a hiding place for Ei Sei and that Hyou was a drastic measure taken to make sure Ei Sei could reach the shack. Shin is angered by Ei Sei's merciless demeanour when talking about his friend in which he lets loose a barrage of blows despite Ten's interventions. After a few moments Ei Sei stands clutching Shin's throat in effort to preventing him from attacking him any further.

Ei Sei warns Shin that there is a war going on and that he will use anything and anyone to win his throne. As he holds Shin above him he reveals that Hyou was actually thrilled to fill this role and accepted the dangerous task of becoming the king's double. He considered this opportunity a huge step towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a great general. Shin begins to calm down before bursting into tears. Ei Sei tells Shin that this is the last time to mourn Hyou and that he'll have to move forward on his own. Ei Sei gives Shin a choice, he can either return to his village and live the rest of his life a slave or to follow him in taking the chance to regain the throne. Ei Sei tells him that only one of these paths will lead Shin to a chance of achieving his and Hyou's grandest dream. As the sun rises Shin decides to follow Ei Sei.

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