Closing In

Chapter 62 cover

Release Date April 1, 2013
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 62
Volume 6
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Closing In is the 62nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


While Baku Koshin is hiding in the dust wind while headed to the top the hill, Wei midpoint guard of 2000 men believe Qin is done fore. Suddenly Baku Koshin and his unit remnants are jumping over them. The Wei soldiers surprised of this sneak attack, notifies the other soldiers of a attack. Shin sees a lot of enemy soldiers more then he had anticipated. Baku Koshin tells him not to be distracted by their numbers, our objective is breaking trough them. At Kyuu Gen camp, the General is being notified of a small Qin unit attacking their midpoint guard. Kyuu Gen calls for Kou Rigen to deal with them. Baku Koshin are close to the summit and orders the infantry to split from the Cavalry. Shin is not happy about this order as the infantry will be slaughtered. Shin then comes to the conclusion that Baku Koshin only brought them to be a distraction. However he tells Shin that it doesn't matter if you are in the vanguard, the rear or a foot soldier. Everyone stands on the same line between life and death. Everything is for the sake of victory. As the vanguard we always have the most severe path to travel. Heki has some more respect for Baku Koshin after seeing his charge and believes we sometimes need commander like him. Shou Kaku tells however that he is a man that gets increasingly more reckless the more of his men die. On top the hill, Baku Koshin and his small unit are being attacked by Kou Rigen and his crossbow unit. Baku Koshin states that archers are favored by strategist as a last defense. Baku Koshin then gets hit by Kou Rigen arrow, but refuses to back down. Shin then rides before him in order to protect him from another arrow.


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