Chapter 63 cover

Release Date April 1, 2013
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 63
Volume 6
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Chapter 62
Chapter 64

Miracle is the 63rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After Baku Koshin being hit by a arrow from Kou Rigen, He sees Shin gets in front of him in order to protect Baku Koshin. Kou Rigen noticing he is just a boy, trash talks Qin that they are using children to fight their wars. For Kou Rigen however a enemy is a enemy and attacks Shin. Shin however manages to see the path of the arrow and blocks it. Kou Rigen orders his unit to get prepared to launch a full sweep barrage. Meanwhile Kyuu Gen asks himself why his camp got attacked in the first place. As Shin horse gets hit by a arrow, it jumps in the air over Kou Rigen and slaying him. As Baku Koshin is getting closer to Kyuu Gen, his men asks Kyuu Gen to take cover. Now Baku Koshin is in front of Kyuu Gen. He taunts Kyuu Gen in telling that he has probably no idea what is going on. Because you believe tactics and strategy is the only thing in war. Shin sees his horse dead on the ground and thanks him to carry him so far. Baku Koshin comments the horse by saying to unleash a final burst for the sake of its rider, that is what makes it a good war Horse. Kyuu Gen immediately attacks Baku Koshin and pierces him as he is saying to him that he is no mere strategist. Baku Koshin starts laughing at Kyuu Gen because he was already a dead man and can't even see. Baku Koshin then pierces a knife in his neck.


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