Pincer Attack

Chapter 69 cover

Release Date April 5, 2013
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 69
Volume 7
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Chapter 68
Chapter 70

Pincer Attack is the 69th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Duke Hyou is being attacked on multiple fronts and the fight is going one sided. One of Go Kei lieutenant tells his General that Duke Hyou unit has bin reduced in half. There are only around 3000 men left. He also tells him that the 5th unit joined them and that their troops are now even stronger. Then Ma Ki and Shu Ki arrives, the ones Go Kei called earlier. Go Kei states that it wont be long before Duke Hyou troops are annihilated. leaving only Duke Hyou himself. Go Kei tells them to bring Duke Hyou head. Shin is cutting trough the Wei soldiers one by one. Shin tells Heki that these men are weak. Heki tells him that is because we are specifically aiming for the weak ones. Tou asks Ou Ki if its OK to be simply standing here. Ou Ki states that by standing here we are creating a huge diversion. Ou Ki then asks him if he don't want to see the power of the emerging faction. Go Kei lieutenant then sees a Cavalry unit separate from Duke Hyou troops has arrived and that they are with less then hundred. They are about to engage the right army. Shin is about to attack the army that is attacking Duke Hyou, however Heki stops him. Telling him that won't be necessary. Shin asks Heki why. He responds by saying if we would attack they would defeat us. Therefor we are going to give them psychological aid. When you are attacked by enemies from two sides like this it causes you to feel pressured and lowers your morale. Duke Hyou uses the aid from Heki unit to attack the left soldiers of Wei. Shin then uses this diversion to charge into the Wei HQ himself. Duke Hyou unit is about to reach Go Kei last defense line. Ma Ki and Shu Ki are preparing to take Duke Hyou head. Shin charges to Ma Ki and Shu Ki.


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