Assassin that Came from the South

Chapter 7 cover

Release Date August 26, 2011
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 7
Volume 1
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Assassin that Came from the South is the 7th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shin, Ei Sei and Ten exit the tunnels from Kokuhi village, Ten is upset when she finds out Ei Sei has no money to give her for her assistance in his escape. He promises to pay her when he returns to the capital and retakes the throne. Shin's choice had already been made for him, he pledges himself to Ei Sei but questions his strategy since there is only the two of them. Ei Sei insists they find Shou Bun Kun at a rendezvous point through the forest before them. Behind them Sei Kyou's rebel troops had already begun scouring the caves, unable to solve the mystery of the tunnels their commander summons Muta, an assassin with exceptional tracking abilities. He vows to kill them and bring back their heads.

After running through the forest Shin, Ei Sei and Ten take a short rest. Tending to Shin's wounds Ten vows that she will go with him and Ei Sei to collect the reward she was promised. As Ei Sei urges them to leave, Shin collapses to the ground from exhaustion and fatigue. With no time to rest the king carries Shin on his back towards the rendezvous.

In the capital Ketsu Shi is furious his troops still have not brought him the kings body. They try to quell his anger with excuses. Ketsu Shi openly curses Shou Bun Kun and his foresight. Ketsu Shi orders his men to bring him Shou Bun Kun's head when a large man appears before them, General Ou Ki and he claims to have killed Shou Bun Kun.

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