Return Home

Chapter 73 cover

Release Date April 14, 2013
Arc Keiyou Campaign Arc
Chapter 73
Volume 7
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Return Home is the 73rd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


After the fall of Go Kei, Duke Hyou and his army claims victory. The loud cheers of Qin is soaring around. The Qin soldiers are surrounded by 50.000 Wei soldiers. However there was not a single Wei soldier who was willing to continue the fight and avenge Go Kei death. Haku Kisai is the only one of the Wei soldiers who could rally the Wei army again. Ou Ki asks him if he willing to continue the fight. Knowing that he is facing Ou Ki, he retreats. Bi Hei and the others see that the Wei army is retreating ans starts cheering because they realize they won. Bi Hei starts crying they survived while a lot of their comrades in arms didn't. Shin is reunited with his friends and starts praising his skills. Ou Ki is riding to Duke Hyou. Duke Hyou thanks Ou Ki for his help. Suddenly they realize that they haven't captured Keiyou yet and that the 3th, 5th and 6th are all unharmed. Feared that they will continue the fight as Duke Hyou brings them at ease as he says that they will go home. Duke Hyou asks Ou Ki over for a drink at Asui. However Ou Ki states he has other business to attend to. However Duke Hyou doesn't take a no for a answer. The Qin soldiers are cutting of the heads of Wei soldiers that have a bounty on their heads. Shin and his friends however don't have a need for these bountys considering their accomplishments. At Anken, Ka Ryo Ten is looking around the death people and is surprised to see so many death people while winning the battle. Hoping Shin is not among them. Shin then walks up behind Ka Ryo Ten and is happy to see Shin alive. Ka Ryo Ten asks him if he gained some achievements and as he says yes, he gets a praise.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Go Kei is dead.
  • Duke Hyou and his army claims victory.
  • Ou Ki asks Haku Kisai if he is willing to continue.
  • Haku Kisai chooses to retreat.
  • Duke Hyou thanks Ou Ki for his help.
  • Duke Hyou tells everyone that they are going home.
  • Duke Hyou and Ou Ki will have a drink together at Asui.
  • The Qin soldiers are cutting of the heads of Wei soldiers that have a bounty on their heads.
  • The Qin soldiers are back home.



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