Passing Checkpoints

Chapter 77 cover

Release Date April 18, 2013
Arc Escape from Zhao Arc
Chapter 77
Volume 8
Chapter Guide
Chapter 76
Chapter 78

Passing Checkpoints is the 77th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ei Sei has woken up after his collapse. Shi Ka still trying to help Ei Sei escape Zhao. The next hardship is getting past the checkpoint. However they are afraid on what happens if they get caught. They need to get past five of these checkpoints to get out of the state of Zhao. They managed to get easily past the first checkpoint and are riding to the next one. The Qin people are surprised on how easy that went. Ei Sei however is still being haunted by his past and getting nightmares and headache. The are currently at the second checkpoint.


Characters IntroducedEdit


Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ei Sei is having nightmares


  • They past one of the five checkpoints.


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