Chapter 78 cover

Release Date April 22, 2013
Arc Escape from Zhao Arc
Chapter 78
Volume 8
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Solitude is the 78th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Shi Ka is thinking about Ei Sei condition. There are cases of children shutting down their emotions due to traumatic experiences. However something like having no reaction tp being shot in the arm isn't a problem of emotions anymore. The smugglers are now on their way to the last checkpoint, 4 days after their departure in Kantan. Ei Sei still unable to believe he is going to Qin asks Shi Ka if they will be able to. Finally they reached the last checkpoint. Things were going smoothly until they are suddenly asked to stop. One of the guards stationed at the last checkpoint asks Shi Ka who these men are. She tells him that they are new recruits from villages on the way. As they pass the final checkpoint, the gate shuts down behind them. The Zhao army discovered Ei Sei absence. It is only a matter of time when Zhao sends out soldiers to pursue. They are traveling the fast they can in order to outrun the Zhao Cavalry. Ei Sei is experiencing nightmares and starts to see them while awake now. The consciousness of Ei Sei takes a creepier form of himself. Ei Sei then jumps out of the car. The others don't understand Ei Sei actions and try to convince hem everything will be OK ones they reach Qin. Ei Sei then stabs himself and claims to not feel anything at all. Ei Sei then explains the horror he was forced to endure. Shi Ka explains to him that he does have emotions and that he will be a good king.


Characters IntroducedEdit


Chapter NotesEdit

  • They reached the last checkpoint.
  • They have bin traveling for 4 days now.
  • They past the final checkpoint.
  • The Zhao army discovered Ei Sei absence.
  • Ei Sei is experiencing nightmares and starts to see them while awake now.
  • Ei Sei mother abandoned Ei Sei.



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