Qin's Monstrous Bird

Chapter 8 cover

Release Date November 19, 2011
Arc Sei Kyou's Rebellion Arc
Chapter 8
Volume 1
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Qin's Monstrous Bird is the 8th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Under the cover of night, Shou Bun Kun escorted Hyou and his decoy carriage out of Kanyou palace. Everything seemed to be going according to plan until a volley of arrows comes hailing down upon him and his escort. Shou Bun Kun recognized the man leading the forces attacking them as General Ou Ki.

General Ou Ki claims to have killed Shou Bun Kun that night and Ketsu Shi believes him. Shi Shi, Ketsu Shi's staff officer questions whether Ou Ki is telling them the truth. General Ou Ki is a mysterious man that doesn't usually bother with political affairs, Shi Shi warns Ketsu Shi against trusting Ou Ki. Ketsu Shi reprimands Shi Shi, reminding him of his previous failure involving the Shukyou. Shi Shi guarantees the king's head boasting Muta, a savage hunter will bring back the kings head.

Shin awakens in the woods where Ei Sei and Ten are resting. Ten tells Shin how the king had carried him on his back for a night and half the day. Ei Sei rises and begins walking again, Shin notices he is fatigued and offers to carry the king himself to repay him for carrying Shin. Ei Sei rejects him and the trio continue onward to the rendezvous point, a holiday home built by Qin's king four hundred years prior. Night begins to fall when Shin begins to ask whether or not they're lost. Ei Sei continues to run until he comes to an abrupt stop after noticing something, he leads Shin and Ten to small cave entrance. Shin and Ten follow Ei Sei through to an open cavern. Atop a rocky cliff stood the small building built four hundred years ago, the rendezvous point.  

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