Chapter 81 cover

Release Date April 25, 2013
Arc Escape from Zhao Arc
Chapter 81
Volume 8
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Farewell is the 81st chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Kou Shou sacrifice himself too in order to save Shi Ka and Ei Sei. The Zhao Cavalry are pleased that there are only 2 people left to deal with. Shi Ka is shooting back with a arrows and managed to hit some soldiers. Ten Bu to shoots Shi Ka in her hand, but refuses to give up and pulls the arrow out of her hand. Then she shoots back. The Zhao soldiers sees the Qin Cavalry that are there to pick up Ei Sei. One of the Zhao soldiers managed to get close and Shi Ka is forced into a sword fight. Shi Ka remembers the words of her adoptive father about saving and helping people. Shi Ka however is stabbed and Shou Bun Kun forces are on their way to aid Ei Sei. Shi Ka about to die tells Ei Sei some last words about being a king. Shou Bun Kun escorts Ei Sei back to Kanyou and Ei Sei sees the city for the first time.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kou Shou sacrifice himself too in order to save Shi Ka and Ei Sei.
  • Shi Ka managed to hit some soldiers with arrows.
  • Shi Ka got a arrow pierced trough her hand.
  • Shi Ka pulls the arrow out and shoot back.
  • The Qin cavalry is in sight.
  • Shi Ka is stabbed.



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