Hundred-Man Commander

Chapter 82 cover

Release Date April 25, 2013
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 82
Volume 8
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Hundred-Man Commander is the 82nd chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Ei Sei never planned to tell his story to anyone. Kou is crying of this sad story. Shin and Ka Ryo Ten are walking around the market in order to by armour for Shin. However buying one isn't going as smoothly as thought. All the shops are closing there doors for him as they all believe he is pranking them. They then decide to go get a drink. The barman notice they aren't from around here and asks them where they come from. Shin tells them we are from 3 villages away in search of armour. He doesn't believe his when he says he already went on his first campaign, because everyone almost got wiped out in the war against Wei. Suddenly Den Yuu walks in and they both recognize each other form the battle. It doesn't take long for everyone to gather around Den Yuu. He then tells everyone about Shin achievements and courageousness. Everyone is then chocked to hear that Shin is promoted to 100-man Commander. Even Ka Ryo Ten is chocked to hear that. Shin told her a while back, but she didn't believe him. Den Yuu tells Shin he is looking forward to the next battle for fighting under Shin command. After this conformation of Shin achievements, they gather the best armour they can find for him. Suddenly Shin and Ka Ryo Ten see Kyou Kai. Shin tells Ka Ryo Ten he was in the same unit as Shin. At Kanyou a cart of Chouman is being attacked. Shou Bun Kun is being notified of Chouman death and is being informed that 2 other men were killed as well. Heki just arrives and asks his lord what happened. Shou Bun Kun tells him that 11 of his supporters got killed. He tells that more then one clan of assassins is are involved in this. Including the Gouma, Kensen and Shukyou. Heki believes that they must be send by the remnants of Ketsu Shi faction.


Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Chouman
  • Kyou Haku mentioned
  • Chougan mentioned
  • Sei Kyuu mentioned
  • Seiko mentioned

Chapter NotesEdit

  • We are now 3 months later.
  • Shin and Ka Ryo Ten are walking around the market in order to buy armour for Shin.
  • All the shops are closing there doors for Shin.
  • Shin is promoted to 100-man Commander.
  • Den Yuu joined the Hi Shin unit.
  • Shin got his armor.
  • Chouman cart got attacked and he was killed.
  • 10 other were killed too.


  • Shin is promoted to 100-man Commander.
  • Shou Bun Kun supporters are being killed by assassins including the Gouma, Kensen and the Shukyou.


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