A Thousand Year Name

Chapter 87 cover

Release Date April 30, 2013
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 87
Volume 9
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Chapter 86
Chapter 88

A Thousand Year Name is the 87th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Ei Sei and party are now found by the assassins and Kyou Kai is among them. Shin prepares to attack. The assassins a re from the Shukyou Clan. They notice that the boy next to Ei Sei must be the one who killed Jo Kan. They are feeling fortunate for this as they can now make up for the greenhorn Jo Kan failure. One of the assassins launches a attack on Shin. Shin however defeats him with one slash. Ei Sei notices this and states that Shin is much stronger then half a year ago, as he was struggling with a assassin then. Kyou Kai steps in to confront Shin. The other assassins are watching from afar. Shin asks him for why. Shin asks if it is for the money or because he wants to work under Ryo Fui. Kyou Kai claims its neither of them. Shin slashes with his sword, but Kyou Kai dodges every single one of them. Shin then goes for the single technique he knows, the trust. However Kyou Kai dodges this one as well.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Jo Kan is considered a greenhorn.
  • Jo Kan was from the Shukyou Clan.
  • Shin defeats one of the assassins with one slash.
  • Kyou Kai and Shin are dueling.



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