Weak Point

Chapter 89 cover

Release Date April 30, 2013
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 89
Volume 9
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Chapter 88
Chapter 90

Weak Point is the 89th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


Shin and Kyou Kai are still going strong. Shin attacks are connecting more with Kyou Kai. Kou sees that Shin lost much blood and will not last much longer. Ka Ryo Ten sees that Shin attacks are improving the longer the duel goes on. Everyone is then stunned to see Kyou Kai being forced to block with his sword. Bi Hei and his friends are still talking about Kyou Kai abilities. On of the other assassins states that the Clan Shiyuu are defined by two traits. Being completely inhuman swordplay and having a ruthless mentality. On other assassins claims that the latter one he is lacking. The Shiyuu are a clan who possesses a special constitution which surpasses that of a normal human. However the Shiyuu name only ever passed down to a single individual who has proven themselves to be the strongest of each generation. They doe this by killing each other. The other assassins state that the Shiyuu have fallen as Kyou Kai is unable to slay Shin due to being a comrade. They aim to kill the king themselves. The Gouma then arrive to Ei Sei location and kills on of the assassins of an other clan. Shin anf Kyou Kai then decide to have a truce as the Gouma aim to kill them all.


Characters IntroducedEdit

  • En Tei seen before but now named

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Shin is wounded and lost much blood.
  • Shin attacks are improving.
  • Kyou Kai was forced to block with his sword for the first time.
  • The Clan Shiyuu are defined by two traits:
    • Completely inhuman swordplay.
    • Having a ruthless mentality.
  • Only one person can inherit the "Shiyuu" name.
  • The Shiyuu clan kill each other in order to pass down the name "Shiyuu" to the last one standing.
  • Shin and Kyou Kai decide to have a truce.



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