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Release Date May 5, 2013
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 94
Volume 9
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Ritual is the 94th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


According to the teachings of the Clan Shiyuu the sword did not originate as a tool of warfare for the killing of men. But rather it was born as divine instrument for the purpose of venerating the heavens. The god-fearing people would pay homage to the heavens by holding a "priestess dance" where the priestess, host to the gods, would dance a midst a sea of flames and offerings. But as time went on, people began to fear the strength of man rather than the heavens which caused the Shiyuu clan to fade into darkness where they changed into something frightening. However that did not mean that the clan died off. Rather, in a place where light does not reach, they have continued to exist for a thousand years. Kyou Kai states that the techniques can't be imitated that easily. Kyou Kai explains that her clan split into many tribes and that talented girls would receive training starting from an early age. All for creating a individual worthy of inheriting the Shiyuu name. The reason for why is long been lost. To them this sort of live was simply the law. Due to the disappearance of the current Shiyuu, the clan has been forced to begin selecting a successor. Each tribe sends 2 candidates. They will then participate in a death match and only one can survive. Kyou Shou, Kyou Kai sister claims she doesn't want to die at the age of fifteen. There are so many things to do. Kyou Kai sister wants them to fight together for their own futures. Kyou Shou claims in a short length battle, she is no match for her sister. The next day as Kyou Kai wakes up, she discovers that it is already evening an deduced that she must be put to sleep. She spurts to the ritual place and discovers its already over.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The teachings of the sword by the Shiyuu clan is shown.
  • Kyou Kai past is shown.
  • Thousand years ago the Shiyuu clan split into 19 tribes.
  • Talented girls of the Shiyuu clan would receive training starting from an early age.
  • The current Shiyuu inheritor disappeared.
  • Each of the 19 tribes send 2 candidates.
  • Kyou Kai was put to sleep and thereby overslept.



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