Chapter 95 cover

Release Date May 5, 2013
Arc Assassination Plot Arc
Chapter 95
Volume 9
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Chapter 94
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Law is the 95th chapter of the Kingdom manga.


The elder gives the go for the ritual. The elders discover that they are missing one person, naming Kyou Kai. They are considering waiting on her as her sister steps in to say that her sister run away. while searching for her sister, she walks among the death and has thoughts about her past. She then falls down into tears and as elders walks towards her, she tells her that her sister wouldn't have lost to a single person. However she was targeted from the beginning. She then states that it is forbidden in the rules to cooperate with others in the ritual. This is the first time that she discovers that the law is not absolute. The elder then orders her to kill herself. Kyou Kai however cuts of her hand and call the elders hypocrites. She then states that she killed all of the elders and states that she has only one mission. That is to kill the current Shiyuu.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kyou Shou was targeted and is killed.
  • Kyou Kai is ordered to kill herself.
  • Kyou Kai killed all of the elders.



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