The Enigmatic Man

Chapter 97 Cover

Release Date 05/09/2013
Arc Training Arc
Chapter 97
Volume 10
Chapter Guide
Chapter 96
Chapter 98

The Enigmatic Man is the 97th chapter of the Kingdom Manga.


Everyone it the throne room just heard that chancellor Ryo Fui has arrived. Everyone has cold sweat, are afraid and are waiting for Ryo Fui to enter the throne room. When Ryo Fui people start walking in, everyone can feel the huge pressure that these people give off. After fighting some powerful opponents, Shin can sense how powerful they are. Shin feels that the pressure even the officials give off are on par of a general. The officials including Ryo Fui are bowing down before the king. The first sentence Ryo Fui says to the king is that there is nothing more important than seeing you unharmed. Shin want to yell out, but he can't.


Characters IntroducedEdit

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Ryo Fui speaks before the king.
  • The pressure given off by the officials of Ryo Fui are on par with that of a general.



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