History Edit

The Battle of Chouhei was a massive battle between the states of Qin and Zhao. Both sides were lead by the greatest generals of the era. On the side of Qin they were lead by Haku Ki with Ouki acting as his deputy while Zhao was lead by Ren Pa. The battle lasted for more than two years primarly because Ren Pa protected Chouhei for two years with a defensive iron wall that both Haku Ki and Ouki were unable to pierce through. However the Zhao king at the time lost patience with the stalemate and ordered a new general to replace Ren Pa which consequently led to their defeat.

Following the Qin victory against Zhao forces at Chouhei, Haku Ki concluded that he did not have enough supplies to feed the 400,000 prisoners of war. Putting the lives of his men as priority, he resolved to bury the disarmed prisoners alive, thus committing a mass murder that ensured the state of Zhao would hold a murderous grudge against Qin to its dying breath.

Impact Edit

Battle of Bayou Arc Edit

Leading the Zhao assault into Qin territory, Man Goku was responsible for the massacre of every Qin citizen they passed, going out of his way to attack small villages that held no importance to the war.

Coalition Invasion Arc Edit

In the event that the Coalition army succeeded at capturing the royal capital Kanyou, Man Goku intended to slaughter the city's people. After defeating Man Goku, Shin promised never to let an event like Chouhei occur again.

Avengers Edit

  • Man Goku - Having been buried alive with his father, young Man Goku was the only survivor from Chouhei, and for his revenge, went on to build his unit from those who lost relatives and loved ones at Chouhei, with the sole purpose of making the people of Qin pay tenfold for their crime.

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