Conspiracy in the Court Arc

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Media Information
Starting Date April 20, 2014
Ending Date May 4, 2014
Chapters 366-378
Number of Chapter 13
Kyou Kai's Revenge Arc
Fire Dragons of Wei Arc

Conspiracy in the Court Arc is the 13th story arc of the Kingdom manga.


As Ei Sei's coming of age ceremony is approaching, the struggle for power and political influence between him and Ryo Fui is reaching its climax. In an attempt to trap the king into going out to war, Ryo Fui arranged a small scale Zhao invasion. In lack of generals to lead the defending army, Ryo Fui proposed that the king should lead it, just like he did in the Battle of Sai. However, prince Sei Kyou offered to lead the campaign himself.

Sei Kyou met the Zhao army in the city of Tonryuu and managed to repel it easily, but was betrayed by the city's ruler, Ho Kaku, and his own general, Ryuu, who were both working for Ryo Fui. The prince was imprisoned and rumors were spread that he started another rebellion in Tonryuu. King Ei Sei, who didn't believe the rumors, sent a subjugation army led by general Heki along with Shin and his newly formed 5000-man unit, with a secret mission to save Sei Kyou.

The Heki Army managed to supress the rebellion successfully, but Shin was too late to save Sei Kyou. Before he died, Sei Kyou asked Shin to protect his brother and his wife to lead the remnants of his faction, serving under the king.


After the Coalition War:

  • All 7 states suffered from economical issues and entered a period of internal affairs, domestic conflicts and political strives.
  • Ri Boku was banished from the royal court of Zhao, stepped down as prime minister.
  • Shun Shin Kun was banished from the royal court of Chu.
  • Ka Rin was promoted to Second Commander of the whole Chu military.
  • The Wei cities of Keito and Kyuu were conquered by Ou Sen and Kan Ki respectively.

In this Arc:

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