Dragon's Nest
The Dragon Nest
Known Users: Ou Hon
Weapon: Spear

The Dragon's Nest (Ryuu Sou (jap.)) is a lethal spear technique used by the Ou Family and requires immense training as well as mastery of the spear to be used in combat. It relies on the manipulation of the spear by its wielder to create the multi-directional attack, making it seem like several spears striking at once. The known users of this technique in the series shown so far are Ou Hon.


The move is first seen in the confrontation between the commanders of the Gyoku Hou Unit and the unit led by Great General Earl Shi, the greatest spear wielder from Wei. Ou Hon launched the attack in response to Earl Shi using the Dragon's Talon against him but the move is swiftly blocked.


It appears to draw its power from manipulation of the spear by its wielder who uses the right hand to control the spear head while the left hand grips its shaft. Visually, the spear appears to multiply and increases in speed, making it a technique to be used against multiple opponents.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

This is a very powerful move as Ou Hon is only seen using it when he is in a serious battle.

Against those who can follow such fast movements, the technique can be easily blocked.


The Dragon Nest
Dragon's Nest by Ou Hon
Shi Haku blocking the technique
Earl Shi blocks Ou Hon's Dragon's Nest