Houken Stabs Ouki

One of the most notable duels: Ou Ki Vs Hou Ken

Duel is an one on one fights that take place during battles. The opponents are usually higher ranked military officers such as Generals. When a duel occurs, the rest of the armies' soldiers tend to not interfere, as such fights are beyond the common soldier's caliber. As expected, the outcome of a duel could very well affect the outcome of the battle itself.

List of Known DuelsEdit

Known Duels
Duelist1 Duelist2 Victor Notes
Ou Ki Hou Ken Hou Ken* *Hou Ken and Ou Ki had a brief clash 9 years before the start of the story,after the former killed the latter's fiance Kyou.An enraged Ou Ki grievously wounded Hou Ken,but he managed to survive.Gika shot Ou Ki in the second confrontation.
Tou Rin Bu Kun Tou n/a
Shin Rinko Shin n/a
Hou Ken Geki Shin Hou Ken Houken slashed Geki Shin in a resting position with almost no effort at all.
Duke Hyou Go Kei Duke Hyou n/a
Shin Man Goku Shin n/a
Hou Ken Kyou Hou Ken n/a
Mou Gou Ren Pa Ren Pa* *The two fought multiple times in the past with Renpa having the upper hand all of the times and Mougou fleeing in fear. Their last duel was not decided, since it was interrupted, although Renpa still had the upper hand he managed to cut off Mougou's arm.
Tou Kou Yoku Interrupted n/a
Mou Bu Kan Mei Mou Bu Mouten got injured by Ka En both of whom interfered with the duel. Enraged Mou Bu, defeats Kan Mei in the next smash.
Duke Hyou Hou Ken Hou Ken Duke Hyou died but managed to wound Houken's left arm.
Shin Fu Tei Interrupted Shin had gained the upper hand and knocked him unconscious, but was then distracted by the attempted kidnapping of Ten. Fu Tei later regained consciousness, but was knocked off the city walls by Ryuu Sen before the duel was settled.
Shin Hou Ken Interrupted Shin wounded Houken with a thrust to his chest, followed up by a slash of his jump attack. Houken severely wounded was ready to fight back but was interrupted by general Shinseijou who told him to fall back and was escorted out of the battlefield. It should be noted that one of Houken's arms was incapacitated due to his duel with Duke Hyou earlier
Shin Gai Mou Interrupted Shin and Gai Mou exchanged attacks in two duel, both times Shin was on the defensive end however Gai Mou was suprised at the weight his blows carry.
Ou Hon Earl Shi Ou Hon Ou Hon managed to defeat the most formidable opponent he faced as of yet. Earl Shi's spear technique was thought to be incomparable up until this duel.
Shin Kei Sha Shin n/a


Houken Kills Gekishin
Hou Ken Vs Geki Shin
Shin slays Mangoku
Shin Vs Man Goku
Shin stabs Rinko
Shin Vs Rin Ko
Tou Vs Rinbukun
Tou Vs Rin Bu Kun
Kyou vs houken
Kyou Vs Hou Ken
Tou Vs Kou Yoku
Tou Vs Kou Yoku
Kanmei Vs Moubu
Mou Bu Vs Kan Mei
Duke Hyou Vs Hou Ken
Duke Hyou Vs Hou Ken
Shin Vs Fu Tei
Shin Vs Fu Tei
Shin vs Houken
Shin Vs Hou Ken
Ou Hon Vs Earl Shi
Ou Hon Vs Earl Shi

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