Duke Hyou's Shield
Duke Hyou's Shield portrait
Weapon Info
Name Duke Hyou's Shield
Type Shield
Owner Duke Hyou (Former)

Duke Hyou's Shield is the shield formerly owned by great general Duke Hyou of Qin. Moments before his death, Duke Hyou passed his shield to the young commander, Shin.


Duke Hyou's shield is round and relatively small in size. It has circle patterns and large spikes around the edges.


It is unknown, exactly when the duke started using his shield, but it can be assumed that he had it for quite a long time, given its sentimental value and it being a characteristic feature of the great general.


Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Battle of Kankoku Pass/Day 16-17Edit

During his duel with Hou Ken, feeling that he was about to lose, Duke Hyou ordered Shin to move forward to Kanyou and prepare to confront the enemy. As the young commander refused to obey the order, believing that he could still do something to save the great general, Duke Hyou threw his shield at him, as a symbol of carrying on his legacy to the younger generation. Along with his shield, Duke Hyou gave Shin the advice to never let his fire burn out.

Later on, on the final day of the Battle of Sai, Shin was faced against Hou Ken once again. During their duel, Shin had the Duke's shield placed on the back of his horse, as a symbol to give him courage and remind him that he also fights to avenge Duke Hyou's death.

After the war ended, some of the Duke Hyou Army remnants joined the Hi Shin Unit. During one of their talks, Gaku Rai asked Shin for the whereabouts of his former lord's shield, to which Shin replied that he had given it to a trusted buddy for safekeeping.



Duke Hyou's shield at Shun's back
Hanging at Shin's back
Ou Ki's glaive & Duke Hyou's shield
Duke Hyou's Shield together with Ou Ki's Glaive


  • So far, Duke Hyou is the only general seen using a shield along with a glaive.