General Ouki said that Duke Hyou's soldiers are even stronger than his own men.

Shin, about the Duke's soldiers.

They're all crude and rough types..

Duke Hyou, when lending his own men Shin

Duke Hyou Army

Duke Hyou Army portrait

Episode 21 portrait

Group Info
Name Duke Hyou Army
General Duke Hyou
Rank Army
Location Kankoku Pass
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Defunct

The Duke Hyou Army was the army led by the late general Duke Hyou of Qin.


Duke Hyou and his men were watching the frontlines of Qin and were constantly engaged in combat. The was located mostly at the front lines of Asui, where Duke Hyou used to live, Asui Castle. They protected the western border of Qin, next to Wei.


Keiyou Campaign ArcEdit

Duke Hyou himself led the attack on the Wei, in which Shin tasted his first war. Shin was put in the 4th Army, which was severely decimated by Wei attack, but regained and Baku Koshin killed Kyuu Gen . Duke Hyou led an attack in Go Kei Army himself and his 5,000 hardened troops, alongside 1,000 Heki Army and Shin. He defeated Go Kei in single combat without his forces cheering for him.

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

After Wei invaded Qin the Duke Hyou Army was seen fighting the 100,000 Wei Army led by General Go Hou Mei.

Battle of Kankoku PassEdit

Shin had the chance once during the 1st day of the Battle of Kankoku pass to lead around 10000 men of Duke Hyou's army to counter-attack the Man Goku Army incoming from behind.

Battle of SaiEdit

After sensing that something was off with Ri Boku's disappearance, Duke Hyou took part of his army and moved to the southern pass of Bu. There, he encountered the Ri Boku Army and after a small battle Duke Hyou himself fought with Hou Ken but proved to be no match for the great general and fell.

From that point on, the Duke Hyou Army is considered officially defunct. Only 2000 remnants of the army escaped as the rest of the army made suicidal charges after being enraged by their master's death. The remnants who fled followed Shin along with the Hi Shin Unit, while being hunted by Zhao soldiers but managed to reach the city of Sai where they participated in the city's defense against the Zhao attackers. Those 2,000 soldiers were the only elites in the Sai Army and their object was to destroy the Zhao soldiers' footholds on the wall.

After the campaign, the majority of the survivors decided to go home, apart from 500 men, including Gaku Rai and Ga Ro, decided to join the Hi Shin Unit (though it was noted that they were jealous of Shin, due to their former leader's interest in him, and the fact that the Duke has no child).


Battle at Dakan Plains

  • Victory over the Wei army, slew Great General Go Kei.



Duke Hyou Portrait
Duke Hyou
Great General


Gaku Ga portrait


Gaku Rai Portrait
Gaku Rai
1000 Man Commander
Joined Hi Shin Unit
Garo portrait
Ga Ro
Joined Hi Shin Unit
Baku Koshin
Baku Koshin
1000 Man Commander
4th Army at Dakan Plains
Slain by Kyuu Gen and Kou Rigen
Sougen portrait
Sou Gen
Commander Sou Kyou Unit
Ten Bows of China
died before the storyline started
Duke Hyou 4th Army 1000 Man Commander
1000-Man Commander
4th Army at Dakan Plains
Kai portrait
Kaibou portrait
Kai Bou
Kaitou portrait
Kai Tou
Kaidou portrait
Kai Dou

Soldiers Edit


Duke Hyou army units
Duke Hyou Army Units:
Denbuu Unit
Nanshou Unit
Yoto Unit
Coalition Invasion Arc
Sou kyou unit portrait
Sou Kyou Unit
Mounted Archer Unit
wiped out in an ambush while saving other units before the storyline started
Hi Hyou Unit
Gaku Rai Unit
Close combat specialists
Baku Koshin Infantry
Duke Hyou Cavalry
4th Army Cavalry
Dakan Plains

Situational MembersEdit



Duke Hyou Army's biggest advantage: The Charge

Duke Hyou is an instinctual general that often acts on a whim. His army is trained well to follow the constant change in orders and positioning that their general dictates.

Having spent a large portion of their lives posted ont he front line territories Duke Hyou's troops are miles ahead in strength compared to your average Qin soldier.

Also, Duke Hyou army members are specialized in charging enemy armies and breaking defenses, as their general usually tends to have the initiative in a battle.

According to Ga Ro, the Duke Hyou Army numbered about 10,000 men, before the majority were wiped out during suicidal charges after their master's death before the Battle of Sai.


Unlike other army members, the duke's closest members wear spiked helmets.


Duke Hyou portrait
The Duke with his lieutenants revising their strategy
Hi Shin Unit and Duke Hyou Army
Shin leading 10,000 members of the Duke Hyou Army
Duke Hyou Army remnants
Duke Hyou Army remnants chased by Zhao soldiers
Duke Hyou Army remnants
Remnants of Duke Hyou Army fight on bravely in the battle of Sai
Duke Hyou Rampart tactic
4th Army Rampart tactic