Ei Etsu
Ei Etsu portrait
Biographical Information
Name Ei Etsu
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Chu royal family
Professional Information
Character Information
Location You
State Chu
Manga Debut Chapter 412

Ei Etsu is a member of the Chu royal family.


Ei Etsu has a serious look on his face. He has long black hair and a long beard. He is dressed in the official robes.




Ei Etsu is a member of the Chu royal family. He came to Ei Sei’s coronation, as a representative of Chu, to gauge him and see what sort of man he would prove to be. The moment Sei stood in front of them, it was obvious to everyone present that the atmosphere inside the temple had changed. 


Gallery Edit

Ei Etsu
Ei Etsu during Ei Sei's coming of age


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