New Era
Season 2 episode 1
Episode-39 portrait
Shin jidai
Air date June 8, 2013
Episode Guide
Episode 38


Episode 40

A Quiet Battlefield

Opening Theme GLORY DAYS
Ending Theme 21
Episode Director Akira Iwanaga
Script Writer Naruhisa Arakawa

New Era is the 1st episode of the second season and the 39th episode of the anime Kingdom.


Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Characters Introduced Edit


  • This episode covers the 174th chapter of the Manga.

Media Edit

  • Ou Ki's Glaive
  • Hi Shin Unit's appearance
  • Shin slays the Wei soldiers
  • Kou trips over
  • Kou's appearance
  • Kou sleeps on Ei Sei's bed
  • Shun Pei Kun taken in captive
  • Hi Shin Unit cuts it's way through the Wei soldiers
  • Ri Boku, Kaine and Kou Son Ryuu advance to Kanyou

Navigation Edit

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