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Did You Know That

Before Earl Shi became the heir of the family, his name was Shi Ei

Fact – 11

Kyou Kai succeeded in avenging Kyou Shou after 392 days since she left the Hi Shin Unit

Fact – 8

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  1. Shin is one year younger than Mou Ten and Ou Hon.
  2. Shin received both Ou Ki's Glaive and Duke Hyou's Shield.
  3. Kyou Kai is the founder of Gouriki.
  4. Burei, a King of the State of Zhao, is the who came up and assembled the very first Cavalry Army.
  5. Ei Sei was given the throne at the age of 13.
  6. The Clan Shiyuu are feared as demons for more then 1000 years and are thought to be a legend. In which it was Shiyuu are descended from a legendary person.
  7. A glimpse of the future of where Shin is a Great General is seen on the first chapter.
  8. Kyou Kai succeeded in avenging Kyou Shou after 392 days since she left the Hi Shin Unit.
  9. Only one person can inherit the Shiyuu name.
  10. Shin and Hyou had at least 1,255 bouts.
  11. Before Earl Shi became the heir of the family, his name was Shi Ei.
  12. The State of Qin has currently 2 Great Generals, Mou Bu and Tou.
  13. The State of Zhao has currently 2 members of the Three Great Heavens, Ri Boku and Hou Ken.
  14. The State of Wei has currently 1 member left alive of the Seven Fire Dragons, Gai Mou.
  15. The State of Zhao has a deep hatred towards the State Qin due to the events in Chouhei.
  16. Ren Pa was once a member of the Three Great Heavens.
  17. Haku Ki was the leader of the Six Great Generals of Qin.
  18. Out of all of the warring states of China, the State of Chu is the largest, compassing half of China.
  19. Out of all of the warring states of China, the State of Han is the smallest.
  20. The Royal seal was hidden in the Royal Harem.
  21. Ryo Fui was the one who ensured Sou Jou to become a King of the State of Qin after his father's passing, Anko Kukun.
  22. Ei Sei and Sei Kyou are half brothers with the same father.
  23. Shou Bun Kun was a master in wielding Glaive during his younger years.
  24. Ka Ryo Ten has Muta's blowdart.
  25. The Summer Getaway of Boku Kou was made by mountain people.
  26. The mountain people aided Boku Kou when they where invaded.
  27. Zhou Dynasty holds the record of lasting the longest.
  28. The general public of the State of Qin don't even know there was a rebellion.
  29. The first person Shin killed was a soldier posted at Crimson Turtle Gate at the Kanyou City during Sei Kyou's rebellion.
  30. Sei Kyou bought Rankai at a black market.
  31. Queen Mother's real name is Bi Ki.
  32. Shin learned his first sword techniques from Heki.
  33. Ei Sei is the 31st King of the State of Qin.
  34. Ei Sei offered Shin the job of a palace guard.
  35. Red messengers carry the most urgent orders.
  36. Archers are favoured by strategist as a last defence.
  37. Shin can see the path of arrows.
  38. Haku Ki buried 400,000 Zhao soldiers alive during the Battle of Chouhei.
  39. It was Shi Ka who saved Ei Sei from his darkness.
  40. Shin used the armour he bought after the Battle at Dakan Plains only after Sanyou Campaign.
  41. Ryo Fui tried to kill the king by sending assassins.
  42. Jo Kan the assassin that killed Hyou and attacked Shin is considered a greenhorn.
  43. A thousand years ago, the Clan Shiyuu split into 19 tribes.
  44. Sai Taku is the highest ranking diplomat in the State of Qin.
  45. During Sho's reign, when the State of Qin would send out their army, the other states would immediately seal their gates.
  46. Before Sou Jou took the throne, his name was Shi So.
  47. Shin, En and the Nanba Tribe subjugated a Stateless Area on their own.
  48. Kyou died at Bayou same as Ou Ki.
  49. Kyou Kai was actually stronger than Shin in the beginning.
  50. Hou Ken killed Kyou and was part of Ou Ki's death.
  51. Kyou slain or captured total of 90,000 enemies.
  52. Shin's unit was named by Ou Ki.
  53. Ri Haku once held a city against Yan army of 50.000 with only 7000 men.
  54. Shin killed his first General in the Battle of Bayou.
  55. The Hi Shin Unit lost most of its core members in the Battle of Bayou.
  56. Taku Kei has six kids.
  57. Only 36 out of the 100 core members are still in the Hi Shin Unit.
  58. Shin managed to wound Hou Ken in their first battle.
  59. In his first campaign, Shin was just an infantry in command of 1000 man-commander Baku Koshin from Duke Hyou Army. But in the next 3 campaigns, he was a 1000 man-commander under Duke Hyou himself.
  60. No matter how hard Shin tried, he can't win against Kyou Kai in their friendly spar for once.