Geki Shin Army
Gekishin Army portrait
Group Info
Name Geki Shin Army
State Yan
Affiliation Yan Military
Status Defunct
Group Personnel
General Geki Shin
Side Infos

Geki Shin Army is the army led by Great General Geki Shin of Yan who led his army as commander-in-chief against Zhao and Ri Boku Army.


Sanyou Aftermath ArcEdit

After Qin's success in the Sanyou Campaign, Zhao with the great generals Riboku and Hou Ken decided to invade Yan with an army of 100,000 soldiers. Yan sent an army of 100,000 under the command of great general Gekishin to repel the invasion. The ace of the army was the feared Quan rong mountain tribe, Gekishin sent out his silent and deadly posion cat unit which were going to locate the Zhao HQ, but as he soon realized that the HQ was closer than he thought he himself led a force of 15,000 cavalry of the posion dog unit with the fastest horses to lead a suprise attack against the HQ where Ri Boku was located, as he and his unit attacked he was stopped by great general Houken. There was a clash between the generals which resulted in Gekishin's death and the army's defunct and the whole battle was lost.


Saved Yan from utter destruction with the help of Gaku Ki.




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En Ri†
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En Bi†



Poison Cats and Dogs were the Gekishin Army's ace in the hole. Two units that spread fear throughout eastern China. The latter onsisted of men from the fastest horsemen tribe, the "Quanrong."

Poison Cats
The "Poison Cat" unit are known as a soundless assassination army.
Poison Dog Unit
The "Poison Dog" unit is comprised of Gekishin's unit's main force. They appear to use lances in battle.
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Twin Fang Unit
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Kou Ki Unit

Mountain TribesEdit

Yan's mountain tribes

Tribes of the Geki Shin Army

Yan allied themselves with the various mountain tribes:

  • Senbi Tribe
  • Ryou Tribe
  • Hakuteki Tribe
  • Quanrong Tribe (poison dogs)