Gou Tan

Gou Tan portrait

Gou Tan anime portrait

Chinese Gang Tan
Romaji Gou Tan
Epithet Triple Mace
Biographical Information
Deceased (Slain)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Skin Dark Brown
Distinction Veins showing around his face
Scar on the left side of the mouth
State Wei
Location Qin-Wei Border (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Unit Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Wei Military
Gou Tan Unit
Equipment Mace
Manga Debut Chapter 180
Anime Debut Episode 42
"Triple Mace" Gou Tan was a Commander from the State of Wei. His rank is unknown.


Gou Tan was a large, bulky, but muscular man, even bigger than Ryuu Sen. He had no hair, eyebrows or other facial hair but had a horizontal scar starting from under his nose and extending to his left ear. He wore plain clothes with cuirass of standard infantry armor around his torso.


Although his history is unknown, Gou Tan appeared to be too cocky and overconfident in his abilities. He trusted his skill in combat so much that he challenged the enemy commander in a duel, which later cost him his life.


Not much is known about Gou Tan's history. At some point in the past he joined the Wei Military and managed to distinguish himself from the other soldiers and climb the ranks to become a commander.


Alliance ArcEdit

After the alliance with Zhao, the Qin Military run many skirmishes with the state of Wei, in their attempt to widen their borders.

Before Qin's 242 BC invasion into Wei started, Gou Tan's unit got into a small battle with the Hi Shin Unit. Gou Tan slaughtered his way through the Qin soldiers and Shou Sa was just barely able to avoid being hit by him. Full of confidence, Gou Tan stated his name and challenged the leader of the Hi Shin Unit to a duel. Shin stood up to the challenge and when attacked by Gou Tan's mace, he managed to dodge and slay his opponent with a single swing of his sword.


Due to his size, Gou Tan's abilities exceed those of a common infantry soldier, as seen when he easily killed some members of the Hi Shin Unit. As a weapon, he uses a triple mace, which he seems to be quite proficient in using.


Manga Edit

Gou Tan kills
Gou Tan confronts the Hi Shin Unit
Shin VS Gou Tan
Gou Tan slain by Shin

Anime Edit

Gou Tan Slays A Wei Soldier anime S2
Gou Tan slays a Wei soldier
Shin Slays Gou Tan anime S2
Gou Tan slain by Shin

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