Warring States
Location Info
Name Han
Location(s) China
The State of Han is located in the middle of China and is lodged between the States of Chu, Qin and Wei.


It is considered the weakest of all states and is not perceived as a threat.

It has long been guarded by other states during the wars of the warring states. It has been seen as an important strategical point/buffer state and therefore no other state has let it be conquered by another.



The state has a monarchy and the current king of Han is King Ou An.

Royal Family Edit

Han King
Ou Ou
10th King of Han
Ou An Behind
Ou An
11th King of Han

Chancellors & Prime Ministers Edit

No image
Sent to Ei Sei's coming of age ceremony

Military Edit

The Han Military shares similar military structures with other states. One of their strength rely on poisons to immobilize and kill their enemies.

Great Generals


See also: Territory of the states

  • vs. Mou Gou, unknown vs 200.000: winner Mou Gou, price eleven cities including Kouu.




The State of Han is located in the very center of China surrounded by the other states; Qin, Wei and Chu.

Warring States

Han lies in the center of china

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