Han Roki
Han Roki portrait
Chinese Liu Qi
Romaji Han Rokki
Biographical Information
Deceased (Executed; Beheaded)
Marital Status Single
Gender Male
Relatives Han O Ki (Father)
State Ai
Location Kanyou City (Death Place)
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Ai Military
Ai Army
Equipment Glaive
Manga Debut Chapter 409
Han Roki is an army commander for the State of Ai. He is the son of Han O Ki.


Han Roki wears a commander's armour, helmet, cloak and has a very thin goatee.


He is very brutal and has no problems preying on the defenceless. Even when knowing that he has a task to complete, he has no problem straying from that task. This is seen when they needed to head for the Royal Harem as soon as possible, but takes the time to kill as many people as possible. He and his father saw the tribes that they attack in order to train as nothing more than target practice in a training exercise. Also he needs to continuous approval from his father for his actions. However some times he acts first before asking approval.

Like his father, he is very impatient (though his father has more self-control than him).


Almost nothing is known about Roki's past, as he appeared suddenly as a leading member of the Ai army. It can be assumed that he has had some military training which made him a capable commander. It is unknown if he has had any previous battle experience.


State of Ai ArcEdit

Han Roki makes his first appearance in a conversation with his father and Ko Reki. He and his father along with his army where on a training mission where they annihilated various tribes.

He and his father joined the state of Ai Army. They plan on attacking Kanyou while their defences are weak because of the Wei and Chu attacks. The defences at Kanyou where even more diminished by the fact that they were stationed for protection at You while the officials were attending Ei Sei Coming of Age Ceremony. His father was conspiring with Ryo Fui, who gave him various aids. However his father hasn't told him everything he gained from Ryo Fui.

When the soldiers stationed at one of the checkpoints in Kankoku Pass were questioning the legitimacy of the royal seal, he attacked the commander. This action prompting the start of the rebellion. He and his father easily defeated the attacking guards and massacred any survivors. He went to the Harem and tried to kill Kou and You, but was intercepted by Shin and got his arm amputated on the subsequent duel, although wounding Shin. He was captured alive and Han O Ki was forced through disguise to watch as his son was executed along with Rou Ai and all his remaining forces inside, as Kan Ki Army eradicated every single one of Ai's forces.


Strength 78
Leadership 77
Intelligence 82
Experience C
A huge problem with his personality


Han Roki trophies
Han Roki collects trophies after massacring tribal villagers
Han Roki Slays A Qin Commander
Han Roki slays a Qin Commander
Han O Ki attack Kankoku pass
Han Roki launches an surprise attack in the northen passage
Han Roki massacre Kanyou
Han Roki massacring civillians in Kanyou
Shin Severs Han Roki's Arm
Han Roki's arm severed by Shin
Shin Punches Han Roki
Han Roki punched by Shin
Han Roki executed
Han Roki's execution

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