Heki Army
Heki Army portrait
Group Info
Name Heki Army
State Qin
Affiliation Qin Military
Status Active
Group Personnel
General Heki
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The Heki Army is the army led by General Heki, also known as the Subjugation Army who was sent out to repel the rebellion army who had taken over the city of Tonryuu.


The Army initially left Kanyou 30,000 strong, they were able to absorb more soldiers on the way to Tonryuu and at the Battle of Mei Plains had accumulated 40,000 men to fight against the Rebellion Army of 70,000.


Battle of Bayou ArcEdit

Sanyou Campaign ArcEdit

Coalition Invasion ArcEdit

Conspiracy in the Court Arc Edit

Western Zhao Invasion ArcEdit

When the Army set out from Kanyou, they numbered 8,000 strong. Ou Sen took 2,000 soldiers from the Kan Ki Army and handed it to Heki to ride to the aid of the Yo Tan Wa Army.


  • Defeated the combined rebellion and zhao army in the battle of Mei Plains on their way to Tonryuu.
  • Retook the city of Tonryuu
  • Slew General Ryuu in the Battle of Tonryuu.



Heki portrait
General Heki

Deputies & Generals Edit

Ba Jin portrait
Ba Jin
Deputy General

1000-Man CommanderEdit

Kaku Un portrait
Kaku Un
Heki's Cousin


Hokushu portrait
Leader of Chou Unit
Battle of Bayou

Units Edit

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Go Hou Unit
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Go Ei Unit
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Son Unit
Infantry Unit
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Kaku Unit
Infantry Unit
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Chou Unit
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Haku Shu Unit
HQ Cavalry Unit

Situational MembersEdit

Advisers Edit

Heki is seen with 4 Advisers during the Sanyou Campaign. One of the 4 is Ba Jin.


The Army is strong enough win against an army that outnumbered them by 30,000. They utilise by the book tactics and emerge victorious. With the assistance of the Hi Shin Unit they drove of the Rebellion army of 70,000 and Zhao Army with over 10,000 troops simultaneously.