Horse & Liquor Force
Horse liquor force
Biographical Information
Name Horse & Liquor Force
Status N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Professional Information
Character Information
Location Qin

The Horse & Liquor Force (馬&リカー·フォース) is a legendary group that came forward in war to help their ally, King Boku Kou, 400 years ago.


In the story Heki tells in Episode 7, this group was made up of 300 mountain people with mysterious auras. They appeared when Qin seemed to be on the verge of losing a war against its rival kingdom, Jin. In order to repay Boku Kou for his kindness, they attacked the enemy and even captured the enemy king. It is said that their fighting was so savage, however, that even their allies were fearful of them.