Hyou's Sword

Hyou's Sword portrait

Hyou's Sword

Hyou's Sword (jap.); Piao's Sword (chin.)
Weapon Info
Name Hyou's Sword
Type Sword
Owner Hyou (Former)
Used by Shin


This sword was given to Hyou, when he was disguised as the king, as it is a well-crafted weapon, worthy of royalty. As Hyou was dying, he passed his sword to his close friend, Shin, with the plea to finish his mission.

Since then, Shin has been using this sword in both battles and training and it has become his trademark weapon. It has followed Shin into every battle (except the one in the Stateless Area).

As he climbed the ranks and became a 4000-man Commander, Shin has started using a glaive, however he still keeps Hyou's sword on his armor wherever he goes.


This sword has a great durability since it was able to hold of a serious attack from Ren Pa.


Manga Edit

Hyou's Sword as shown in the right