Instinctual generals are not all warriors like Duke Hyou. While some such as Duke Hyou, are like prowling lions,  ferociously pouncing upon their prey with a savage fury, others such as Keisha can be likened to spiders that lay down subtle traps and wait for the prey to come charging into the trap of their own accord. Those that find themselves ensnared in the traps are rendered utterly helpless to do anything.

Ri Boku

It said that Shin, who inherited Ou Ki's glaive, inherited the 'Instinctual General's' talent during the battle for Kankoku Pass.

Renpa is noted for possessing the qualities of Strategical Generals and Instinctual Generals both, and is also said to be one of the rare 'attention seekers'.

List of Instinctual GeneralsEdit

Duke Hyou Portrait

Duke Hyou

Kei Sha portrait

Kei Sha

Ren Pa portrait

Ren Pa

Ki Sui portrait

Ki Sui

List of Instinctual CommandersEdit

Shin portrait


Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Strategical generals have a hard time dealing with Instinctual type generals as their movements are hard to predict since there is no definite strategy to counter them. Genbou comments that people in this category are able to reach the peak of their morale easily but once their confidence is broken, they fall into despair and are unable to rally once more.

Instinctive Generals often seem to have a fair amount of combat strength and ability though with "Spider" Instinctive types like Kei Sha this is unknown to what extent. 


The man known as Duke Hyou is able to subtly sense the overall flow of the battle just from taking in an enemy army's positioning and orientation, or the expressions and line of sight of the enemy soldiers.

Rihaku, about Duke Hyou

Since instinctual generals follow their intuition talent more than strategy by the book like a strategist they often tend to charge into the battle firstly, then secondly adapting to the battlefield and have a keen eye for even the slightest changes as the battle proceeds to adapt in the best possible way to hold their advantage.

A great example of how the intuition of an "instinctual spider general" countered the intuition of an "instinctual prowling lion general" was during the Battle of Kankoku pass when Duke Hyou charged the opposing Zhao army which was led by General Keisha who then adapted and lured the Duke into a trap while he was charging through the battlefield, secretly having an army waiting to backstab his unit, which was successfully done.

A great example of the usage of intuition is how Duke Hyou was able to counter Riboku's Ryuudou tactic, as Riboku was planning to trap him and destroy the formation of the Duke Hyou army which he did for a certain extent, but the Duke managed to break through with his intuition skill while adapting to the Ryuudou stream and used it to his advantage, which brought him closer and closer to Riboku.

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