Jun Sou
Jyun Sou portrait
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Distinction Scar on his left eye towards his left cheek
Scar on his right cheek
State Wei
Location Chiyoyou (Former)
Professional Information
Classification Commander
Occupation Soldier
Affiliates Wei Military
Gai Mou Army
Military Rank Army Commander
Equipment Sword
Manga Debut Chapter 382

Jun Sou is a Strategist from the state of Wei, and the valued strategist of the Gai Mou Army. He took part in the defense of the Chiyoyou region against Qin's invading forces.


Jun Sou is a slim, average sized man, dressed in a Wei commander's attire and a spiky helmet. He has two scars on his face, one across his left eye and one on his right cheek. Weirdly, he has very small blank eyes, although he is evidently not blind.


Jun Sou seems to dislike warfare, as he is bored on the battlefield and goes only when a task must be done. He also is carefree and denies Gai Mou's lies, and isn't impressed by his actions.

He also seems to dislike incompetence as seen when he chides Gai Mou everytime he says or does something foolish.


Fire Dragons of Wei ArcEdit

When the Qin attack on the Chiyoyou region begun, Jun Sou went into great general Gai Mou's tent with requesting reinforcements, as the Hi Shin Unit's progress was too rapid. He, then, followed Gai Mou and was seen surprised by his move to challenge the enemy commander in a duel right away, thus giving up his position, and even more surprised at Shin casually answering the call.

Jun Sou continued observing the battlefield and noticed that, despite their few numbers, the Hi Shin Unit was making bold but very well planed moves. Observing the battlefield he pinpointed the position of the enemy strategist, and managed to kidnap her. During the kidnapping Ten to screamed to Kyou Kai to take Jun Sou because her troops weren't able to reach her. Kyou Kai was just able to kidnap Jun Sou. 


Strength 80
Leadership 89
Intelligence 91
Experience A
Gaimou’s Trust: 100
While he was strong enough to overpower and capture Ka Ryo Ten, he appears to have little fighting abilities as seen when he was overpowered by Kyou Kai.

He presumably serves as Gai Mou's brains given Gai Mou's dense nature.

During the hostage exchange Gai Mou stated that even if the terms were a thousand gold pieces on top of releasing Ten, he would have glady accepted. 

Gallery Edit

Jun Sou caught Ka Ryo Ten
Jun Sou caught Ka Ryo Ten