Kaigou (jap.)
Biographical Information
Name Kaigou
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Information
Rank(s) General
Weapon(s) Sword
Affiliation(s) Zhao Military
Ki Sui Army
Character Information
Location Rigan
State Zhao
Residence Rigan City
Manga Debut Chapter 458

Kai Gou is a General of the Zhao Military forces and one of the Deputies under General Ki Sui, the Lord of Rigan City.


He is a middle aged man with a long Chin Beard.


He is shown with a calm manner and has great respect for Ki Sui.


He is from Rigan so he must of been a young man during the tragedy of Rigan. Which means he must of been put in charge of the army in order to help Ki Sui rebuild the city and reclaim the area around it.


Sometime in the past he must of been promoted to General during his service under Ki Sui.


He must have a decent sense of command since he is a General of Zhao. Wields a sword on horseback so must have confidence with his swordsmenship.

Gallery Edit

Kai Gou Charges
Kai Gou Charges

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